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WANDA Final Event in Vienna, viadonau, Donauschifffahrt

On 7 of March, the international project team celebrated the completion of WANDA (Waste management for inland Navigation on the DAnube) in the University of Vienna. An application for the following project CO-WANDA "Convention for WAste management for inland navigation on the Danube" has already been submitted and is now under evaluation.

The international WANDA project team

The WANDA Project team led by Harald Beutl (far left)

The WANDA Project "WAste management for inland Navigation on the DAnube" was launched in 2009 to coordinate the development of the collection of ships waste along the Danube. The common goal of the riparian states was to develop common solutions for the collection and disposal of ship-generated waste.
WANDA was led by via donau project manager Harald Beutl and his team. To conclude the three-year project, all partners met in Vienna for the final event.

The agenda opened with a panel of renowned keynote guest speakers:

  • Reinhard Vorderwinkler, Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
  • Olivier Baudelet, European Commission DG Regio
  • Roberta Calcina, SEE Joint Technical Secretariat
  • Phil Weller, ICPDR (International Commission for the Protection of the Danube)

Following the keynote speeches, WANDA project manager Harald Beutl reviewed 3 years of successful project work and presented impressive figures that illustrated the workload within the project.

The project results of WANDA from the partners’ perspective followed. The objectives and outputs of WANDA were presented by András Munkácsy (KTI Institute for Transport Sciences), Silviu Meterna (Ports Administration on the Maritime Danube Galati) and via donau-projectmanager Hans Berger.

  • A national ship waste management concept for each of the participating countries. The concepts are based on surveys and analyses and the practical implementation follows in pilot projects.
  • How in Austria and Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania cross-border oily and greasy waste was collected and disposed of
  • The various funding models developed within WANDA

After a delicious lunch where the participants could get a taste of Austrian cuisine, a panel discussion moderated by Reinhard Vorderwinkler (Austrian federal Minsitry for Transport, Innovation and Technology addressed policy-related issues. The panelists, Željko Milković (International Sava River Basin Commission), Hans van der Werf (Central Commission for the navigation of the Rhine) and Ivana Tomic-Kunc (Danube Commission), gave important insights on the situation of the policy framework.

The event concluded with a round table discussion moderated by Roberta Calcina, WANDA Project Officer of the SEE Programme Joint Technical Secretariat where all 9 project partners were given the opportunity to give their impressions on the WANDA results and their hopes for the future.

Project key figures

Project duration


Total budget

 1.667.240 Euro

Lead partner

via donau - Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft mbH


Editorial: via donau

Photo credits: WANDA Project






European Commission DG Regio


KTI Institute for Transport Sciences

Ports Administration on the Maritime Danube Galati

International Sava River Basin Commission

Central Commission for the navigation of the Rhine

Danube Commission

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